Julie is a Singapore based Voice Over artist with a warm, friendly, approachable voice. As a trained actor with 10 years experience as a performer, she is adaptable and has the ability to sound intimate, sultry as well as professional. Julie is a regular voice for Canon TVCs aired across Asia.

Some businesses which use my voice are:
Canon, Triumph, The Holday Inn, ANZ Bank, Lux, Kotex and Greenpan, Singapore Health Promotion Board, Bajaj Motorcycles, Grenado Espada (Computer Game), Children of the Mekong Documentary, Printmaking Documentary, Channel News Asia, Lviv Freehold @ Newton, Bananamana.com


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SG English / UK English 1. Voice Reel 2010 - Full Stereo Mix
2. Voice Reel - Full Stereo Mix
+65 9187 4991 3. Platinum TVC - Full Stereo Mix
4. Holiday TVC - Full Stereo Mix

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